Management Liability

Axiom Underwriting provide a Management Liability Policy specifically aimed at UK registered private limited commercial SME companies whose assets and turnover are typically less than £100m.



To protect the individual directors and officers and the company for claims brought by;

  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • Fellow directors
  • Creditors
  • Government Agencies, including the HMRC and the Health & Safety Executive
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Customers and Clients
  • Regulatory Bodies

Coverage Sections

  • Management Liability
  • Corporate Legal Liability
  • Corporate Employment Practice Liability
  • Employment Dishonesty

Each section has its own aggregate limit of indemnity for the period of insurance, up to £5 million per section.

However in the event of the exhaustion of the limit for the Management Liability Section, Insurers may reinstate the full limit twice, for no additional premium.


Key Features

Cover for;

  • Legal costs and expenses, awards and settlements
  • Outside Directorships
  • Costs and expenses of representing any director, officer or employee at an official Investigation
  • Civil fines and penalties (where permitted by law)
  • Cyber privacy and confidentiality
  • Deprivation of assets
  • Tax liability

For Full Terms and Conditions please refer to the policy schedule and wording




Axiom Underwriting are committed to providing an efficient, responsive and fair claims service through experienced claims handlers.


Unacceptable Risks

  • Professional sports clubs
  • Any company regulated the FCA or PRA

Policy Summary

Axiom Keystone Summary of Cover - 2015


Proposal Form

Management Liability Proposal Form


Contact Information

If you would like more information on any of the above please contact:

David Filtness: or call 01622 742045.


Other products

A variation of the Management Liability policy is available for Charity/Not for Profit Organisations and Residents' Associations.

Please contact Axiom for further details